Czapek Digital Certificates

In a partnership with Adresta, a Swiss distributed ledger technology start-up that creates unforgeable authenticity certificates, Czapek offers a unique range of customer experience.

The benefits are multiple: Czapek owners can easily travel and cross borders with their watches without the risk of incurring in problems and time waste at customs when not carrying their watches certificates with them; they can track their watches servicing; they can even retrieve and identify stolen timepieces and have insurance proof; finally, the seamless history of the watch results in a higher value of the timepiece in the pre-owned market.

Czapek & Cie is the first watch company to partner with Adresta. The discussions between the two companies started in 2019. “The connection and collaboration with Czapek & Cie, a historical Swiss watchmaker reborn as a start-up, was immediate. The company was already considering going digital for their high-end watch certificates. We just had to show them the efficiency of our approach” comments Nicolas Borgeaud, co-founder of the Zurich team.

“For years watchmakers have feared that digitization would spoil the passion for beautiful mechanical timepieces. Today, digitization is put at service of Haute Horology to protect items that defend the state-of-the-art of mechanical intelligence and craftsmanship” says Xavier de Roquemaurel, CEO of Czapek & Cie. “We invite all watchmakers to join this journey with Adresta for the benefit of the whole watch loving community.”

Adresta’s platform for Czapek is now online!


To make sure that your Blockchain Certificate is up-to-date or to register your watch(es) please visit: and take the following steps:

1. Enter your email-address, the serial number of your watch and the number of your Czapek passport.

2. Define a password.

3. Verify your account.

4. Enjoy all the information of your watch digitally!