The “Diamondblack” ADLC finishing on some of our titanium cases creates a lustrous yet transparent black sheen by absorbing the visible wavelengths and protects the watch against scratches and abrasion thanks to its extreme hardness.


The PACVD technology (chemical vapor deposit, Assisted Plasma)  – developed in 1985 for aeronautics and Formula 1 is used by Czapek to produce a technical layer unassailable chemically, extraordinary stable over time, and very hard (between 3 and 5000 Vickers – for comparison a standard hard metal is around 1400 Vickers).


The acanthus leaf, a classic in Roman art, was already featured on the limited-edition Quai des Bergues in platinum. The current version represents the epitome of this art on a watch case. The Czapek original design is inspired from the Assisi Cathedral paintings, whereas the technique comes more from the sculptures and bas-reliefs of the Cathedral of Orvieto, in Umbria. This example of Haute Horlogerie craftsmanship is only available on special order, making each watch a unique piece.


With all our gold 42.5mm models we offer the option of creating a secret sentence on the enamel dial. The phrase, personal message or motto, chosen by the owner (length up to 33 characters) is only visible when light reflects off the dial at a certain angle. It is the ultimate in understated personalization…and a well kept manufacturing secret.


The dial of each timepiece is a central focal point and should reflect the personality of its owner. Make your dial one-of-a-kind, collaborating with our most skilled craftsmen.


Each model bears its own limited edition number. The owner can pick his own lucky one, if available, and have a personal name or phrase or motto engraved on the case back (length up to 18 characters).


Czapek & Cie offers the possibility to choose from four different power reserve displays. The characteristic unique double hand, a tribute to the original pocket watch, can either indicate the power reserve and the weekday, or point to an elegant arrow showing how much energy is left in the mainsprings. The weekdays can be displayed in any desired language.


All gold models are available with three different kinds of ‘Fleur-de-lys’ hands. These exceptionally thin and delicate hands, along with the double hands of the power reserve, are the direct aesthetic connection to the original Czapek pocket watch made in 1850.

  • ‘Fleur-de-lys’ hands in 5N Rose Gold
  • ‘Fleur-de-lys’ hands in «BlackGold», a 5N Rose Gold with a thin black rhodium plating
  • ‘Fleur-de-lys’ hands in «BlueGold», a white gold with blue plating


You can customize your Czapek timepiece to the absolute detail choosing from a wide selection of 9 colored precious stone couronnes, creating a unique timepiece.