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Frozen Star S

Czapek introduces the Antarctique Frozen Star S – an elegant new 38.5mm. case size combined with an exceptional dial made of osmium, the rarest precious metal on earth! The Frozen Star S is a limited edition of 38 pieces only.


Like many developments at Czapek, much of the impetus to create an Antarctique in 38.5mm came from the desires of Czapek’s “rare people” – the collectors, shareholders and partners who form a close-knit community around the brand. It was only natural that the successful launch of the original 40.5mm Antarctique in May 2020 would be followed by a smaller case size – one that would be more adaptable and elegant; more comfortable on slimmer wrists.

“Our greatest challenge was that the original Antarctique had turned out to be so right. For Antarctique S it wasn’t a question of just reducing the case; we had to do something as excellent as the original,” says Xavier de Roquemarel, CEO of Czapek.

To create a case 3mm smaller than the original design was not just a simple matter of shrinking; starting from scratch, the case had to be totally re-engineered and the codes rewritten to ensure that all of the proportions work perfectly – not least the ratio of overall thickness to the new diameter. The 38.5mm case is defined by the same taut lines that characterise the original Antarctique but now the sides are flat, rather than cut away, and the shoulders protecting the crown have been subtly pared back – simplifications that achieve better visual balance in the smaller dimensions. And Czapek’s attention to detail went beyond just the visual: the weight of the watch on the wrist had to feel appropriate to its reduced size.


The Frozen Star S dial is made from the rarest precious metal on Earth – osmium. Very hard, dense and heavy, and one of the six platinum group metals, it was discovered in 1803 by British chemist Smithson Tennant. Found mostly in the Americas and in the Russian Federation, and 11 times rarer than gold, osmium is the least abundant stable element in Earth’s crust. Moreover, pure osmium does not occur in nature; it can be obtained only as a by-product from processing nickel or copper ore and, it is estimated, only about one tonne is produced globally each year.

Twice as dense as lead, hard yet brittle, unstable unless crystallised, and resistant to extremely high temperatures (with a melting point of 3,000 C), osmium is notoriously difficult to work with. However, with a pronounced structure that creates a unique surface texture, and an intense natural brilliance, crystallised osmium has a profound and intriguing beauty. Shimmering as the light catches it – from a deep bluish-grey to almost white-blue – the osmium dial of the Antarctique S creates a dramatic contrast to the cool silvery tones of the steel case and bracelet.


The SXH5.01 automatic caliber is the first to be entirely conceived in-house by Czapek from a blank page. Every part of it has been made with care to detail and with the help of the top Swiss manufacturing partners and craftsmen, la crème de la crème, the magnificent orchestra directed by Czapek in the We Collect Rare People spirit. The microrotor, is placed off-center to allow a plunging view into the mechanism and its exceptional architecture. A free-sprung balance wheel with variable inertia provided by four gold adjustable weights enables the highest level of precision tuning. The gear train is held in place by a series of seven handsome skeletonized bridges. Their original shape is reminiscent of lace, inspired on one side by XIX century pocket watches, and by the very modern Czapek Faubourg de Cracovie chronograph’s rotor. The movement has superlative finishing on the bridges that merges Haute Horlogerie angling techniques with state-ot-the-art laser engravings.

Since the unveiling of its base movement in May 2020, Czapek & Cie has been continually making improvements to its automatic caliber SXH5 to enhance its precision, performance, and aesthetic. The most recent upgrades raised the train efficiency to 90% to fully wind the single barrel and deliver the impressive 60 hours of power reserve. This is a significantly longer autonomy than the average of high-end sports watches.


In fine watchmaking, every little detail counts. Besides the exceptional SHX5 movement and the sleek and sharp design of the case or the dial, a great deal of attention was put on the bracelet. The feeling when placed on the wrist, the comfort in every situation and lightness are as important as the timepiece visual and technical qualities. Yet, with less space between the lugs at the attachment point, the long, subtly curving line that tapers from the widest point of the case to the narrowest point of the bracelet had to be carefully studied and adjusted to achieve perfect harmony. Like its predecessor, the bracelet of the Antarctique Frozen Star S – with its brushed steel links connected by highly polished links in the form of a stylised “C” for Czapek – it features a quick-change system that enables owners to quickly and easily switch to the additional rubber or leather strap that comes with the watch. The option to order a fully brushed metal bracelet is now available.

But there’s more. An additional strap is provided, as Czapek has developed an exclusive quick-change system allowing the wearer to switch from one strap to another in a minute. A large choice of straps is now offered to provide a maximum versatility and playful experience. 4 rubber straps whose pattern recalls the "Stairway to Eternity" design on the Passage de Drake dial are available in either black, white, dark blue or dark grey.



Frozen Star

Technical Details

Swiss made
  • Hours, Minutes & Seconds
  • Calibre SXH5: Czapek's in house self-winding mechanical movement
  • Diameter: 30 mm – 13 lines ¼
  • Height: 4.2 mm
  • Number of parts: 193
  • Jewels: 28
  • Swiss lever escapement, variable-inertia balance fitted with four gold inertia-blocks
  • Frequency: 4 Hz – 28800 VpH
  • Power winding system: Micro rotor with an 100% recycled platinum mass
  • Power-reserve > 60 hours on one single barrel
  • Barrel torque: 8.8 Nmm
  • Finish: Open ratchets, sandblasted black bridges, bevelling, straight-grained sides, six hand-chamfered inward angles
  • Luminescent, steel "Sword" hands
  • Stainless steel case
  • 38.5 mm diameter
  • Height: 10.6 mm
  • Sapphire crystal glass-box with anti-reflective treatment ARDur©
  • Sapphire crystal case-back with anti-reflective treatment
  • Water-resistance: 120 meters (12 atm)
  • Screwed-down crown
  • Integrated stainless steel bracelet with Czapek exclusive "Easy Release" system
  • Additional rubber strap
  • Made of crystallised Osmium – the rarest precious metal on Earth
  • Luminescent, rhodium plated steel hour makers
Our Partners
  • Components and movement manufacturing: AB Product, Arcofil, Atokalpa, Ceramaret, Chronode, CMT-Rickenbach, Comblemine, Crelier, Generale Ressort, Inca, Inodeco, Inhotec, MLV, MPS, Novasort, Precipro, Risa, Stocco and as well a few standard components.
  • Habillage: AB Product, Capsa, Econorm, Gravages, HMS Waeber, Jean Rousseau, Metalem
  • All Frozen Star S models are priced 76'000.- CHF excluding VAT
  • Prices in USD is 85'700 USD and includes the 3% cost for duty, the delivery in Connecticut and the shipment to your final destination.


In this section you will find all the useful information about pre ordering your Antarctique Frozen Star S.


The Antarctique Frozen Star S is priced 76’000.- CHF excluding VAT. Prices in USD is 85’700 USD and includes the 3% cost for duty, the delivery in Connecticut and the shipment to your final destination. Please note that for final payment by credit card in USD, a 2% additional fee will be charged to cover the exchange rate difference with CHF.

We kindly ask you to proceed to a down payment of 19000.- to confirm your order. You will have then 14 days to eventually decide to cancel your order and get a full refund (excluding banking or transfer fees). If you decide to cancel your order later but before we have started the manufacturing of your timepiece, the deposit paid – less an administrative charge of CHF 2000.- and less the eventual personalization costs incurred – will be refunded. In case of a cancellation after you have been informed that your watch has been fully manufactured, your deposit will not be refundable.

To ensure your absolute satisfaction with your Czapek watch, you will be able to modify your order with our concierge before your watch is entirely produced.

Two weeks before the delivery of your Antarctique S Frozen Star timepiece, we will send you your final invoice and ask you to proceed with the final payment. The deposit will be deducted from this invoice.

If you have questions about our terms and conditions simply click on the dedicated button below or send us directly an email at [email protected].

Czapek & Cie offers you a few options to customize your watch. Of course, you will be able to choose your additional strap but also the central second style (plain, with a red tip or fully red) and a personal engraving on the back ring of your watch. All watches come with a box where you will find your second strap with its folding buckle, a screwdriver, two extra links to adjust your metal bracelet and the special tool to easily add or remove them.

Antarctique S Frozen Star deliveries will start in early 2023. Allocations and deliveries are based on a “first come, first served” basis.

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