In 2012, three enthusiasts of watchmaking, art and crafts, rediscovered the incredible story of Czapek & Cie and realized the gem they had in their hands : Czapek’s rebirth. Guided by their passion and their entrepreneurial drive, they aimed at sharing their emotion with other watch lovers.

Now more than 100 aficionados from around the world have joined them in the adventure of the renaissance of Czapek. It was the same passion that brought together the best suppliers of the industry. These “partners” were given total freedom to contribute their ideas and competencies. Czapek built a unique relationship of trust with them, shared their vision, and they reciprocated with beautiful work.

On November 10th, 2016, their work, persistence and passion was rewarded by the coveted Public Prize at the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève with its Quai des Bergues No.33bis model.


The model’s exceptional quality stems from this participative spirit. It is a tribute to François Czapek’s No.3430 pocket watch manufactured in Geneva around 1850. The dial, with its elongated Roman numerals, is in an exceptional version of grand-feu enamel, with a rare domed shape, giving it a special brilliance. Each dial features a secret signature by François Czapek, a safe-guard against counterfeiting. A personal sentence written on the dial that is only visible when the sun hits it at a certain angle can be engraved.

The modern watch features the SXH1 Caliber, a proprietary double-barrel mechanical hand-wound movement. The sandblasted bridges, the hand finished angles and the open ratchet pay homage to its predecessor. The watch boasts the same clean “face” and the characteristic sub-dials at 7:30 and 4:30. The former displays a small second, the latter shows both the days of the week and the seven-day power reserve with a unique “double hand”. The extremely delicate Fleur de Lys hands that sweep the elegant clock face were a challenge to re-create. These solid gold hands required a special tool with a 0.1 millimeter radius.

Quai des Bergues