The SXH1 V2 is an haute horlogerie mechanical calibre with 31 jewels. It is finely decorated and remains aesthetically and functionally true to the 1850 original.


This manually-wound movement has two barrel springs and runs at a rate of 21,600 vibrations per hour, which translates to 3 Hertz. It boasts a power reserve of seven days. The chamfering finish and the sandblasted bridges confer a beautiful and modern look totally drawn from the past…

It was developed by Czapek with Chronode, the Le Locle-based company of Jean-François Mojon.


This proprietary, manually wound movement beating at 21,600 vph (3 Hz) is the second movement developed by Czapek with Chronode, the Le Locle-based company of Jean-François Mojon.

The SXH2 features a one-minute suspended tourbillon and comes together with a second time zone for today’s world travelers, a day/night disk, and a classic power reserve indicator. The single barrel spring delivers a solid 60 hours of power.


Czapek’s first chronograph is driven by a bespoke automatic movement, the SXH3. This integrated column-wheel chronograph caliber was built by the outstanding craftspeople at Vaucher Manufacture Fleurier in the Jura mountains, the cradle of Swiss watchmaking.

It delivers 65 hours power reserve from a single barrel that drives the balance wheel at 36,000 vph. The movement makes use of some of the most advanced and effective mechanical elements, like the linear hammer, which reduces wear and tear on parts and resets all the associated dials in one easy movement. A modern solution, the vertical clutch, ensures a perfect start for the chronograph hand.

Finally, the diamond-blasted anthracite bridges give the final aesthetic twist to the movement visible through the transparent case back.


The hourglass is one of the first instruments invented by man to measure the passage of time. And like all time-tellers, it has its own way of expressing itself. It represents the inexorable flow of time, and also balance. The hourglass invites us to watch each moment slip by and to seize it. Czapek and Moser Glassworks, two companies with roots combining a mid-19th century birth with a Czech-born founder, chose this emblematic object to launch an unusual collaboration imagined by a common friend and shareholder.

The hourglass was built to count out five minutes that flow with a slight whisper from top to bottom. “In today’s hectic life, it is important to take five minutes, be that to meditate, cultivate self-awareness, breathe, or pray”, explains Xavier de Roquemaurel with a smile. “Five minutes to yourself can put you in just the right spirit for your daily routines.”


The vigorous SXH5.01 automatic calibre is the first to be entirely conceived in-house by Czapek from a blank page. Every part of it has been made with care to detail and with the help of the top Swiss manufacturing partners and craftsmen, la crème de la crème, the magnificent orchestra directed by Czapek in the We Collect Rare People spirit. The microrotor, made of fully recycled platinum 950, is placed off-centre to allow a plunging view into the mechanism and its exceptional architecture. A free-sprung balance wheel with variable inertia provided by four gold masselotte weights enables the highest level of precision tuning. The gear train is held in place by a series of seven handsome skeletonized bridges. Their original shape is reminiscent of lace, inspired on one side by XIX century pocket watches, and by the very modern Czapek Faubourg de Cracovie chronograph’s rotor.

The movement has superlative finishing with six hand chamfered inward angles and drawing of the flanks – the summum of Haute Horlogerie finishing, watchmaking aesthetics at its peak. The SXH5 caliber has a significantly longer autonomy than the average of high-end sports watches (typically between 40-45 hours), of 56 hours practical (and 70 theoretical hours). This movement proves that stringent watchmaking craftsmanship can be further enhanced with a hint of free-floating creativity, as if form were an equal party to function.