Revival of a brand requires an array of skills, from watchmaking to flair. Plain replication of the original is insufficient: All the original codes that made a watch unique in its time must be considered through the looking-glass of evolution in technologies and taste.

We took the most distinguishable and arresting of the brand’s ancestral aesthetics and adapted them for the watch lover of the twenty-first century, as if François Czapek was still alive and creating contemporary masterpieces.


Out of all the watches, one stood out. The number 3430, created in the 1850’s, which encompasses the Czapek style perfectly :

  • Purity in aesthetics
  • Elegant extended numerals
  • Exceptional, forged hands
  • Two subdials, one at 7.30 o’clock the other at 4.30 o’clock
  • A remarkable double hand power reserve indication with week days


The red-line behind these characteristics defines what makes Czapek unique: The quest for beauty through the poetry of time.