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The Faubourg de Cracovie California Dreamin' is inspired by the very first modern watch of Czapek & Cie. It features a Californian style dial with a grené finish and it’s powered by the 5Hz COSC-certified Czapek SXH3 caliber.


The three co-founders of the modern Czapek & Cie who re-established the Company on 12 December 2012 first created the Czapek Design Study Chronograph, a manual wind chronograph powered by a historic caliber from the seventies and with a California dial. The initial purpose was to secure the legal re-establishment of the brand, yet this watch rapidly became a test of the market and a source of early stage funding before the crowdfunding equity financing took place. This watch was in fact sold to a small circle of friends, allowing them to finance further research into design and development of a proprietary caliber of high quality, the SHX1, that powers the Quai des Bergues - the official launch collection unveiled in 2015.


The Czapek Design Study Chronograph served as an inspiration for the Faubourg de Cracovie California Dreamin' with its anthracite electroplated brass California dial:
the SuperLuminova® coated hour markers are in Roman numerals from X to II and Arabic from 4 to 8.

The California dial is an unusual choice for a modern timepiece, whose origins are part of the ‘mysteries’ of watchmaking: nobody really knows why this type of dials are named after the West Coast state. Some theories state that it is so-called called this way because that particular design was exceedingly popular in the state of California in the ’30s and ’40s, others speculate that it’s because of a famous Los Angeles-based dial finisher, Kirk Rich, who did made some popular dials with the design in the 1970s; however, nothing is definitive.


The California Dreamin' chronograph is driven by a bespoke automatic movement, the SXH3. It delivers 65h power reserve from a single barrel that drives the balance wheel at 36,000 vph and is COSC certified. The movement makes use of some of the most advanced and effective mechanical elements, like the linear hammer, which reduces wear and tear on parts and resets all the associated dials in one easy movement. A modern solution, the vertical clutch, ensures a perfect start for the chronograph hand. Finally, the diamond-blasted anthracite bridges give the final aesthetic twist to the movement visible through the transparent case back.