‘Horizontal’ Manufacture

Our approach has been to build an “Horizontal Manufacture”, bringing together the best Swiss artisans and manufacturers, all of them passionate about Czapek… They represent the state-of-the art in their domain and master to the perfection their savoir-faire. We freed them to express the best of it, and achieve surprising innovations and beautiful executions for Czapek.

Suppliers - Chronode

Jean-Francois Mojon
Chronode SA, Le Locle

The new CZAPEK caliber SXH1 is the result of an exceptional combination of tradition and innovation transformed from the past into the present. Together with Chronode (Le Locle, Suisse), we are proud to present a high-end 7 days mechanical movement embracing all elements of Swiss Haute Horlogerie.

Suppliers - neo_desis

Antoine Tschumi
NeoDesis SA, Le Locle

Antoine Tschumi is a leading Swiss designer with a degree from the Ecole d’Art de La Chaux-de-Fonds. Neo-Desis is renowned for their outstanding designs for Haute Horlogerie brands. The CZAPEK aesthetic is achieved through projecting the brand DNA in the future, as if François Czapek was alive.

Suppliers - LAB

LAB – Les Artisans Boîtiers
La Chaux-de-Fonds

In adapting to any given production complexity and engaging in the most challenging of projects, Les Artisans Boîtiers in La Chaux de Fonds is the first choice of Czapek & Cie.





Suppliers - Donze

Donze Cadran
Le Locle

The Czapek “Grand Feu” enamel dial is one of the most difficult technique of the art of watches decorating which offers as well the highest durability. The master artisan of our Manufacturing Partner Donze Cadrans in Le Locle, does not paint the motif directly on the watch but applies more oxides on the dial in gold. Then, the enameller moves the dial into fire (800-900° C) several times to allow motif and colors appear gradually. The “Grand Feu” enamel sets unalterable and refined decoration… including a secret signature in the case of Czapek.


H M Waeber SA

The Production of the high crafted hands requires no fewer than 20 operations by hand. The hands are produces by steel or gold, fulfill the higest requirements for quality and are found in each Czapek masterpiece.

Suppliers - Camille_fornet

Camille Fournet
La Chaux-de-Fonds

Using exceptional leathers, all our straps are handcrafted with peerless dexterity of master leather craftsmen and are the fruit of approximately fifty fundamental, yet intricate steps.

Suppliers - AB Concept & AB Product

AB Concept & AB Product
La Chaux-de-Fonds

Active mainly in the High end watch sector, both companies benefit from their founder, Aurélien Bouchet, of the essential qualities for success: flexibility, creativity and expertise in the design . We owe them the Titanium crown protector built into the stretcher as a Boolean function… or the Fleurs de Lys hands chased by a tool of 0.15mm.

Suppliers - Montanstahl


Smiths of the second millennium, Michael and Wolfgang Stumm develop the 30 year-old company by positioning it as the world expert of ‘complicated’ steel profiles. A typical example of Swissness where expertise and high technology allow the creation of an exceptional added value. We owe them the ‘XO’ steel, used in other industries, but never in watchmaking.

carbon dial

Metallique & Convergence Composite
La Chaux-de-Fonds

The leading composite manufacture Convergence Composite Lab and Haute Horlogerie Metallique dial factory joined forces to supply Czapek with the thinest carbon dial ever made. Together with both manufacturer we are spearheading the research & development in carbon dial making.


Le Locle

Metalem is a leading and historical high end dial maker based in Le Locle. They work with an extraordinary spirit of collaboration and are known for the precision and quality of their works. We owe them the beautiful Handcrafted Guilloché « Ricochet ». An original Czapek design that they realised in their Guilloché branch in Le Val-de-Ruz.



Cadranor is a very quick, reliable and flexible dial maker based in Courtedoux in the Swiss Jura. They are the creator of our the sterling silver dial of the models No. 25 and No.19S.

Michele image 35

Le Locle

Many Artisans collaborate with us. Michèle has been working in Le Locle for many years. She engraves the beautiful acanthus leaves engraving on the Platinum case and train the next generation (her daughter) on the secrets of her craft. La relève est assurée!


Le Locle

Another master of his art, André, is also based in Le Locle. Miniature painting is often realised with a one hair pencil with details that the human eyes can hardly see… We owe him some incredible bespoke creation like the Warszawianka coat of arms, or the Waresquiel.