The Place Vendôme in Geneva ?

Tourbillon Suspendu "Ici et Ailleurs"

The Origin of a Myth

The Place Vendôme collection takes its name from the location where François Czapek, spiritus rector of the brand, opened a boutique in the mid-nineteenth century, assumed to be the first haute horlogerie boutique ever in this world-famous square. The first series, which comes in a limited edition of 15 pieces in platinum and 10 in Rose Gold, was named “Lumières”. It refers to both the reflections flashing off the bevelled edges of the bridges visible on dial side as well as to the Age of Enlightenment, which ultimately produced the tourbillon, the perfect balance between science and mechanical poetry.

Czapek's Tourbillon: a Dream Comes True

The birth of the place Vendôme was a bit odd indeed. The initial brief for Czapek’s revival was to develop two models. The first one with the code name « Past to Present » had the purpose to bring the Czapek style and personality to our present time, the second one « Present to Future » was aimed at projecting it to the future.

While the initial drawings of « Past to Present » were all very convincing, nothing striking came out initially for « Present to Future » until Antoine came to us with a set of designs saying with a smile « if you like it then I’ll design the other one ». We fell in love with this design and decided to go forward with it before we had actually created the Quai des Bergues collection. So, we went from imagining the future back to designing the present time.

Tourbillon Suspendu "Ici et Ailleurs"

Place Vendôme is a true work of craftsmanship and technicality projecting Czapek’s vision & style from the past into the future, revealing hidden core elements of the timepiece: the two steel bridges that keep the Tourbillon and Second Time zone in suspension. Both bridges have a modern, unexpected sharp look with the nicest Haute Horlogerie treatment of poli bloqué, circular satiné and sandblasting finishing. Place Vendôme Tourbillon Suspendu also boasts power reserve and a Second Time zone – hence the name “Ici et Ailleurs”, meaning “Here and Elsewhere” in English.




Place Vendôme – Platinum

43.5 mm diameter, Platinum Case, Tourbillon & GMT, day-night, steel bridges, enamel dial & Blue Gold «Fleur de Lys» hands

Place Vendôme – Gold

43.5 mm diameter, 5N Rose Gold Case, Tourbillon & GMT, day-night, steel bridges, enamel dial & Blue Gold «Fleur de Lys» hands

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