Crystal Time

Sands of Time

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Hand-made by Moser Glassworks Master Glassmakers

Limited Edition of 18 pieces

Available exclusively at Czapek or Moser Glassworks boutiques


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Technical Details

  • Hand-made by Moser Glassworks master glassmakers
  • Mouth blown
  • 5 Minutes measurement
  • Pure crystal glass, silica crystals (Si O₂)
  • Ecological unleaded coloring process
  • Hand cut and hand polished to a high gloss
  • 22,5 cm
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Crystal Time

Crystal Time is the love story between two companies with roots combining a mid-19th century birth with a Czech-born founder: Czapek and Moser Glassworks.

It began with the idea of exploring the concept of the beauty of time. The initial thought of producing a collection of crystal clocks blossomed into a collaboration resulting on their first creation: an hourglass, a pure, original and refined product. And this could be just the beginning…

The silica crystals (Si O₂) in their purest form, quartz, which Moser is famous for and remains among the very few to use it in the world, is used to create the Sands of Time crystal. A combination of oxides are used to colour it, which is not leaded and therefore ecologically sound. The base mixture is then fired, melted into enamel, and then cast into hand-crafted wooden moulds.

The object is shaped by air blown by Moser’s skilled Masters and then carefully polished multiple times to get the highest gloss. This requires incredible skills and a century old know-how.