Service, Warranty & After-sales

International Warranty

One of the 3 founders of the revived Czapek, Sebastien, is a watchmaker expert in Timepieces After-Sales servicing, and we have put it as a central element of our long-term success. All Czapek Genève timepieces, sold through retail partners or directly, come with a 3 years international product warranty, one year more than the usual practice in the industry. Our watchmaker will personally take care of your After-Sales inquiries, and will give you a prompt answer (10 days) regarding the servicing of your watch. On top of our own After-sales commitment, we have taken an extra commitment with Chronode, which will provide the movement after-sales components and repair service to our customers for a period of 15 years after the last order we make.


Preserving your Czapek

For all mechanical timepieces, a good maintenance is the key to guarantee the long life of your Czapek. In order to ensure this, we recommend your Czapek be serviced every 4-5 years.

In order to minimize wear of your Czapek we recommend the following:

• The Czapek Quai des Bergues collection is manually wound. Avoid over-winding the crown when winding. When the watch has reached maximum wind, the crown encounters severe resistance to further winding. Stop at this point. Be sure to follow the instructions of your timepiece.

• The Quai des Bergues collection has a water resistance of 3 atmos (30 meters) for the gold versions and 5 atm (50 meters) for the Titanium and steel versions. Alligator straps are not water-resistant and will get torn quickly if you use your piece during aquatic activities. We recommend to use our rubber strap for these activities, keeping in mind that diving activities should be done with diving watches.

• Avoid extreme temperature changes (above 50C or bellow -10C) as it might affect the metal components.

• Your timepiece is shock-resistant for everyday use, such as knocks and bumps. However we strongly advise against exposing your Czapek to heavy shocks (such as might be encountered in sports).

• Avoid direct contact with chemical agents such as detergents and cosmetics, as they may negatively affect your watch or bracelet.

Servicing your Czapek

The rate of service is individual, and depends entirely on the model, the climate, and the owner’s care of the watch. As a general rule, a watch should be serviced every 4 to 5 years, depending on the conditions in which it is used. The servicing includes a complete dismantling, cleaning all components, replacement and refinishing word elements, reassembling, lubricating and final control.

Contact details for Servicing your Czapek

We recommend you contact us directly, then send us your watch. Please find our contact information under the find us page. The watch will be serviced by our own technicians.